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Monday, July 2, 2012

Ah Orh Seafood @ Sin Ming, SG by ViN

Talk about SinMing, what came first into ur mind? for me, sure it will be everything regarding cars as there are so many repair shops here and once upon a time, im thr too to repair my Civic EG. did any of you know, in a place like that, there will be also an existance of good food. haha.. im quite suprise when my bro brought me thr as im thinking.. har sinming? really got nice food or not..

ah orh this name seems quite famous among singaporeans but i really nvr heard of it. thr were already a lot of customers thr when we reached. as my bro already knew wat is nice thr, he took the lead to order. its quite a mistake to let him order as there seems no full stop in his library. hahaha.. only 6 adults but 7 dishes were ordered. its really a mistake as im half dead after the dinner. the portion is really big for each of them and i can say all of the food was swept cleanly into our stomach. hiak hiak.. how can i maintain my fIt body from all these temptations... the letter I will soon expand to become A.. aih..
ah orh seafood.. so sure need to taste their seafood lo..

first thing to intro will be there cold crabs. i think they just steam it and put it in fridge before serving. these crabs were really fresh and their meat were damn sweet and juicy. each crab size was quite small and it cost us SGD$15 for one. besides the incredible meat quality, each of them are full of eggs.. hmmm.. i dont like the taste of eggs but for my lovely wife, she just cant stop to suck every single bit of them. wahh.. colestrol bery high neh.. hhaaha..

next is the fried oyster egg. oyster was bery bery fresh. i normally dont eat oyster, this time i lost count how many i have eaten. the egg was deep fried till it was "bloated" and each munch u are able to feel the crispiness but again my lousy mind will tell me.. "eh very oily leh".. hahaha..

seabass is one of my favourite fish and so coincidence that they have it thr. they recommend it to be cooked in teochew style so we just let it be. the outcome is really not bad and the fish meat is tender. the way they present this dish really quite impressive. from two pieces of seabass we chosen, they slice it into so many pieces which makes us easy to take and divide among us. teochew style if as usual using preserve salted vege, tomatoes and some ginger ba. although it is nice BUT im warned by my bro, do not drink too much of its soup as there is some ingredients in it which will make us feel numb after drinking. hmm.. dun be scared, im not referring to others. this case will happen on me and my bro as we previously experienced the feeling when we ate a prawn noodles at joochiat. we are not sure wats the ingredients that we are allergy to so i only tasted a few spoon. i dun like that funny numbness feeling.

next comes the fried leek. hmmm.. actually we were just thinking it to be a normal fried leek with maybe some roasted pork, but when it came, im really quite suprised. they used fish maw as one of the ingredients. walau.. wat an expensive dish yoo.. taste wise really up to standard and the fish maw was really yummy as already absorbed the gravy fully.

my favourite prawn paste chicken wings were not missed. not bad not bad.. have the standard but a lot of places still able to produce the same taste. it has the crispiness but taste wise, the crown for this dish still never leave batupahat swimming pool steamboat restaurant which i think its the best of the best!

fish roe.. a dish that im unable to comment much as i really dun really eat it.. i just bite a small.. texture seems like eating a very dry and powdery thing.. i jus cant accept it but my father and bro seems to be crazy for it. so from their comment, hard to find such big fish roe and it is really delicious.. believe or not, pls try it..

lastly, fried kailan which i think its not the normal kailan that we eat. hmmm.. maybe some other type of kailan ba.. its stems are much slimmer than usual and leaves are lesser too.. hmmm.. i feel normal kailan tasted better but aside of the type of kailan, the cooking skills is not bad.
Overall, it cost us SGD$189 for all the dish above. For the quantity we ate, the price should be counted ok ba and each of their portion is really quite monsterous. so pls dun order too much if you do not have a big universe stomach. hiak hiak..

Taste : ۞۞۞.۞۞۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Service : ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Ambient : ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Location: ۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Pricing : ۞۞۞.۞۞۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞

Add: 22 Sin Ming Road #01-258 S570022
Tel: 94878150, Mobile: 94878110

*PS: It seems that they have another stall at bukit merah too..

Sunday, June 24, 2012

万豪轩@Marriot Hotel, SG by ViN

Oh from the title location Marriot Hotel, please dun think im so rich to have my dinner here. im jus a poor guy who is lucky to got my second chance from my company to join this food tasting session in this luxury 5stars hotel. Before introducing the foods, i would like to compare it with my previous experience at Pan Pacific Marina. Firstly, it seems that Pan Pac seems take their customer more seriously as previously they served us in a small well decorated ballroom with the table cloth we chosen for our D&D with a very friendly waitress aunty but at Marriot, they just served us at their normal dining restaurant, without our chosen table cloth decorations and their waitress service is.. aih.. just no time to serve us.. even our tea pot was empty also nobady to fill it up with hot water. maybe im a little bit too fussy.. ok.. please ignore a ngam ngam cham cham old man.. hiak hiak.. BUT they got 1 thing better which was, as there are a few choices of dishes to choose, they prepared all of them for us that day so that we are able to make up our mind which dishes we want.. isn't it sweet...

Back to business.. as chinese traditional pattern, the first dish will sure be a cold plate.

the dish here we were served with a combination platter of deep fried mushroom stuffed with fish paste, smoked duck meat, roasted pork belly, vietnamese spring roll, prawn salad, abalone clam in thai style and roasted duck. although it stated that the mushroom was deep fried, but when eaten, i dont feel the oilyness yet i still think it is very juicy and the fish paste able to blends in well with it. smoke duck is a bit salty and the texture a bit funny so it was the first to be kicked out of our selection. roasted pork belly is very normal yet my other members think it should be in the league. vietnamese spring roll..hmmm.. i think local pasar malam also can be bought so dun need to think much, it was unclicked. for prawn salad, the prawn was very fresh which makes its meat very Q. although to me i think it is quite normal but for its freshness it was still chosen. abalone clam size is a bit too small but at least the sweet sour taste makes it quite appetizing.. it stays on and lastly, the roasted duck which i like the most.. meat very tender and juicy.. i voted it to be in da plate so i can have it again end of this month.. hiak hiak..

second dish.. do u think it should be shark fins? hmmm.. no no.. u r wrong.. my boss already set a rules that we must save sharks so no more shark fins will be in the menu. so we are givena choice to choose between braised lobster broth with prawn, scallop, crab meat and bamboo pith & braised hasma broth with conpoy, shredded abalone, sea cucumber, bamboo pith and shredded mushroom.

the first thought of tasting the lobster broth was what am i eating? how come no taste de.. actually they seems to use the ingredients original taste without adding much salt or msg to make it taste better but it just dont feel right. hahaha..

i still prefer the hasma broth.. the cooking style is almost same as normal shark fins.. no shark fins to me is ok.. the taste is there then i like it just as much.. haha.. we one voice voted for the hasma broth.. yea yea..

next, of course is fish lo.. for chinese tradition, sure we wanted "year year got fish".. haha.. we were served with steam live garoupa with mandarin peel in black bean sauce. this is a really oh no dish.. although the gravy was ok but this fish quality is really a big problem.. at first we still think that it was over steamed but the more we eat the more we feel is the quality of the fish itself. the meat is very hard and seems to be wat we chinese called as "lo ko" but after consulted with the chef at the end of the dinner, they told us the fish is not lo ko but the meat is like that.. some people really dun able to accept them and we seems to be one of them. so we asked to change it to sea bass which has a softer and tender quality of meat.

one of the nice dish we had for the night is the deep fried butterfly prawn accompanied by deep fried spare ribs coated with saseme seed.

the prawn is some sort like tempura which is really very crispy yet can feel its freshness and Qness. Spare ribs is the one i like. although it is cooked something like "pork ribs king" which i hate the tomato sauce, but the softness and tenderness of the meat quality really make me unable to stop myself to one more and another into my mouth.. hahaha.. seems every1 noted i like this dish so much that they dun dare to take another piece.. wohahhaa..

braised sea cucumber and "bai ling zhi" mushroom with seasonal vegetable. each of the sea cucumber and mushroom was covered with a thick sticky flavourful broth.. nice nice.. i like it a lot..

the best dish award was dedicated to this cheap yet wonderful dish.

crispy chicken marinated with chinese rose wine and salt. hmmm.. im thinking very hard here how to decribe it. hmmm.. this dish was served in a good presentation. from the looks, able to know that the skin should be very crispy. yeah, its skin was very crispy(can heard crack crack sound when we are eating) and salted.. for its breast meat, you wont feel the hardness. so, sure wont complaint the meat it will stuck in between ur teeth.. BUT i doubt its quality will remains on the actual date as when they prepare for too many tables, it wont be too crispy as it will be prepared much earlier. sad sad..

Lastly stew ee-fu noodles with crabmeat, straw mushroom and chives.. hmmm.. tasted better than last year at pan pac but i think if i cook, it will taste even better.. hahaha...

for the dessert, they let us tried sweeten red bean cream with glutinuos black sesame dumping, lily bulbs and lotus seed

& warm almond cream with glutinous black sesame dumpling. hmmm.. red bean cream i think is nice as not very sweet. topping it up with lotus seed and lily bulbs makes creamy paste have a crunchy texture. i like it a lot but i lost in this selection.. hahaha..

i admit that the almond cream is not bad although i hate almond, but it is not selected too.. hahaha.. finally they asked for yam paste.. waahhaa.. a dessert that my boss like the most.. i like yam paste also but pray hard it is not too sweet ba..

wat a long story i have written.. hmmm.. as a conclusion, this restaurant's food to me i think is ok ok only la.. not everything is nice lo.. the overall price for one of this table of foods will cost about SGD$900++ ba.. expensive wor.. without my company, i dun think i will have a chance to taste this expensive yet so so food.. hiak hiak..

Taste : ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Service : ۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Ambient : ۞۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Location: ۞۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞(jus opposite Orchard MRT)
Pricing : ۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fishhead BeeHoon & Fishball Noodles @ Restauran Choi Ngiap, JB

This is a shop whr i think only locals able to spot it. Although it is situated just beside the main road leads to Singapore and JB central but its location seems not very strategic to attracts people's attention. It seems to me that this shops has been open since a lot of era ago for its rundown condition. hmm.. dont think so much about its cleanliness, just set ur mind for good food ba.. after eating i didnt run for the loo meaning should be quite clean ba.. haha.

Let me intro about the Fishball noodles first. ordered their dry noodles(my preferred style). When it is served, OMG how come again is white white noodles again with chilli toppings.. shit.. phobia already of my previous encounter..

but suprisingly after mixing the noodles, its not only the chilli taste.. the chilli sauce that they used already being blended with other ingredients which makes it tasted not too salty, not too spicy and yet you will think wanna have more.. the taste is quite special ba for my opinion. hmmm.. price wise neh.. for a small portion with those few little pork slices, fish cake slices and 2pcs fishballs, it cost me RM5. quite expensive right..
Taste : ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Service : ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Ambient : ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Location: ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Pricing : ۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞

For the fishhead beehoon, most important is the soup base. It is very thick and powerful. Taste is a little sour yet brings out a bit saltiness as they put in preserve salty vege.

From the picture, you are able to see its not the creamy milky style as they didnt put in evaporate condense milk. If you like those style that you hav tried in singapore, you may not like this dish. beside this, the fish is very fresh and sweet but be careful of some pricky bones as fishhead ma.. hmmm.. again.. portion quite small yet it cost a bowl for RM7. dun understand how come such "sampakoklok" place will cost so high.
Taste : ۞۞۞.۞۞۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Service : ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Ambient : ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Location: ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Pricing : ۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞

extra introduction.. please refer back to the first picture above.. at the right side u are able to see a shop selling "kuih-muih". i bought a glutinuos rice from them and pls be informed that it is very very nice! yuihooo.. others cakes also heard to be nice..

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our BIG Day.. by Ru

9th June 2012 is a very special day to us as we are officially become husband and wife.. and my title has changed to Mrs Toh from Ms Keh.. lol... I am very blissful because we have received the sweetest and warmest wishes fom our family and friends.

Although just been together with Vin for only 8 months but I always truly believe that he is the right one to me. He has always been so caring, thoughtful, considerate, loving.. I always feel that I am showered with love and he always put me as the first priority.. I feel very touching as he is always the one who borrow me his shoulder when I am down.. When I am happy, he is there to laugh with me; When I am down, he is there to comfort and give me a big big hug; When I am vexed, he is there to listen to my problems and give me appropriate advise! He is the partner who always treats me honestly and gives me full security...

He is not a romantic person yet a very practical person. For instance, he would ask me what do I need before he buys the gift to me. haha.. It may sound very boring but I like his way, he cares about my needs instead of just giving me some unneccessary surprise! He seldom throw temper as he is a very very good temper person...aiyoyo...but he got a very BIG temper laopo ler haha.. Well, there is a Chinese said: 一物克一物, I think this is nicely described our relationship.. lol

While he promised to everyone that he will take care of me, respect me, love me forever till the end, I know he really meant it.. I just know he will not give an empty promise to me! I trust him so much that he will take every words seriously and sincerely. Vin, I will keep my promise to you forever too. For what we have committed to each other, I deeply believe that we will put into practise and do it even better! As quoted from the solemnizer Dr Phua Tan Tee, there is no annual leave or sick leave throughout our whole journey, and our love will operate 24/7 without any rest :)

Hereby I would like to thank Dr Phua Tan Tee to make his time for us from his busy schedule. We are just so lucky to get him in a short notice. He is a very grandfather look guy with his humble smile and cheerful characters. He made our ROM so warm and touching, I was almost tearing while he was sharing his thought with us. Nevertheless, he got a sense of humour to calm our nerves and made us feel relax a bit. haha.. If you would like to make your ROM a memorable and fantastic one, you may look for him by

Lastly, we would like to thank our family and friends. Thanks for making our ROM so lovely, memorable and unforgettable one! You guys are great and I feel so blissful to have you all in my life!!! Fly Kiss muaks muaks!! Not to forget those friends who leave your warm wishes on FB, we feel it and thanks very much!! Get ready to receive our big BOMB and prepare your BIG angpao ya! haha

Vin, my dear laogong... 谢谢你的全部,谢谢你给我的爱,希望我们能彼此牵着手,一起走向未来的旅程!不管前方是平顺的,弯曲的,都不会影响我们的心!I love you and I always do.

ps: We have a big dream and we are working hard to achieve it..Hopefully we can see the dream in not far future!

Our ROM.. by ViN

after together with 茹 since 8 months ago.. she has been my "victim" to give my full responsibilities, care, concern and love. i have been "eyeing" her for the past few months and finally i decided that she is the ONE who i wish to spend the rest of my life with. i felt she really cared about me, take good care about me, have all her love and concern to me.. make me feel im so being sayang.. haha.. and further more she able to find and cook me so many different types of good food, which makes me feel so "THANKFUL" of making me now looking so "FIT".

although i admit i didnt give her a romantic wedding proposal, but im still able to make her tears roll with a lousy broken lyrics song. it proofs it works too.. hahaha.. i know she will "ngam" for my whole life when she thinks a bout the unplanned lousy proposal.. oh no..

she is not 100% perfect and i know there is some "DEFAULT FACTORY GALS DEFECTS".. BUT it didnt stop me today from singing the vow and signing the cert in front of so many witnesses(oh not cannot run liau)..

There is this quote that, marriage is like stepping into a grave but i hope we will dig this grave together and proof to others this grave is stationed in heaven whr all the happiness and bliss will be ours..
茹Laopo, hope we will built our future together strongly, where "wind wind rain rain" wont break us down. 茹Laopo, I Love U.

PS: at first dun feel nervous, but till i saw the solemnizer, heart began to pump so fast.. and hand starting to shake.. try to control it but when taking the wedding band.. walan.. it cannot stop shaking.. when wanna sing the vow, my throat seems to be stuck and so dry.. hahaa.. i think this time was the worse singing i had in my life.. hahaa..

thanks a lot to Dr Phua Tan Tee who is so bz yet able to fork out his time to become our solemnizer. he is really a very very very good solemnizer. each words which he speaks really warmed my heart. he was able to make the room atmosphere to be so happy and cheerful but im still so damn gancheong. hahaha.. for toher who wanna him to be your solemnizer too, to be safe, pls book him 3-6months in advance to get your booking. we are really lucky to get him in a short notice.. i like one of his quote, "when you say I DO, please look into each others eyes so that you partner able to receive the message and click to save." hiak hiak..

also thanks for our family and frens who attended the ceremony. those who are not invited, pls dun feel rage ya.. only a small small gathering nah.. pls be ready to get our BOM ba.. hahaha..

and finally, to all others who are so CONCERN about us.. we get married so fast is not because of any BOM detected.. pls be relaxed.. the reason is we are both really in LOVE.. wahahahhaha...

鱼漂猪肉面@Restoran SeKee, JB by ViN

On a Saturday morning, just out from Singapore.. both of us were like hungry wolves, aiming for any nice food near custom area. At first thinking of going to the best chicken chop in town but when passed by this shop, Ru said that their Mince Pork Noodles was recommended by some reviews.. as nvr tried b4, we stopped and give it a try.

the name of this shop is Restoran SeKee which is a direct translation from chinese "Drivers Restaurant". Heard that long time ago, a lot of taxi drivers will be around this area so they name after it. there were quite a number of customer, so it seems that their food should be not bad.

Ok.. back to food.. we ordered a soup and a dry. when it was served, eeee... how come my noodles just have some chilli on it and no more gravy? from the looks im quite dissapointed. wat to do.. im hungry.. just mixed and makan lah..

my dissapointment nvr change after tasted it.. aih.. how come sell sumthing like that. its realli only chilli taste lo.. tasted the soup.. hmmm.. yeap the soup is not bad.. sumthing when u drank finished the whole bowl, you wont feel too thirsty. eh.. how come there is fried pig skin in the soup? yucks i hate pig skin.. the i tell Ru, u wan pig skin? Ru laugh at me.. Its Fish Maw ok.. walau.. Fish Maw? eee. how much does cost? i scrolled by eyes around.. spotted.. RM7 for small.. almost fainted.. hahaa.. yeah, i agree that it is not bad, but if next time im here, can i option for only pork? hahaha.. i felt very expensive lo for that few small pieces of thing.. haha..
if wan me to recommend, never ever order their dry type. i think pnly the soup type is meant to be eaten.. haha.. but prepare to pay for at least RM7 ba.. portion is quite small lo..

Taste : ۞۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Service : ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Ambient : ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞
Location: ۞۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞(a lot of parking around)
Pricing : ۞۞/۞۞۞۞۞(hmmm.. really felt very expensive although i know fish maw is expensive)